About us

The Wise Mission

Our mission is simple, improve self-employment both for the main contractor and the individual.

For almost 20 years we’ve been working with main contractors protecting them and increasing subcontractor benefits. The service is end-to-end from recruitment to payments. Its purpose is to make engaging self-employed contractors efficient and less costly.

Alongside our main contractor colleagues, we’ll continue improving. Improving our processes, our technology and service, so every business and self-employed individual get an industry-leading experience.

The Wise Culture

We’re committed to a culture of compassion and inclusivity, providing a welcoming atmosphere for our entire workforce to collaborate and
produce outstanding technology.

Recently, Wise partnered with the UK’s leading employer certification, Great Places To Work ™, undertaking rigorous testing and a staff satisfaction survey to analyse our internal culture as an employer. We’re delighted to say that we have achieved Great Place To Work ™
Certification, with a score of 89%!